After 9 incredible years we are thrilled to be moving into a new home at 612 Fleming street on Sunday, October 27th. Our current full schedule on Duval and Catherine will continue through October 26th and a light schedule on Duval will continue throughout the month (shown below). The Key West Yoga Sanctuary will be expanding the programming to include the Sevana School of Yoga with daily classes, immersive therapeutic courses, and a community outreach program. Join us on our opening day, October 27th to learn about our new offerings. The schedule for opening day is listed below. Be sure to leave your email below for continued invites to our new courses and programs.


Gretchen, Christian, Erika, Brad, Emily, Joanne, Elena, Amber, Natalia, Daashia, Ashley, Eric, Robin, Stephanie and Peter

October 27th Schedule @ 612 Fleming Street (Opening Day):

10-11:00 am- Level 2/3 Yoga with Gretchen

12:30-1:45 pm- All Levels Yoga with Emily

2-3:00 pm- The Warrior Within Hatha Yoga Level 2/3 with Christian

3-5:30- Doors are open! Come on in to learn about our new programs

5:30- Kirtan

6:30- Potluck

October 28th-October 30th @ Duval and Catherine Location:

Monday, October 28th:

11:30-12:00 pm: Pilates with Natalia

12:15-1 pm: Yoga Express with Amber

7:30-8:45 pm: Kundalini Yoga with Sarka

Tuesday, October 29th:

6-7:15 pm: Gentle Yoga with Peter

Wednesday, October 30th:

7:15-8:30 pm: Intermediate Hatha Yoga with Melanie

NEW Upcoming Schedule, Beginning October 27th @ 612 Fleming Street

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