Drop In to any yoga class: $16                Mat Rental: $1                    Monthly Unlimited: $108

 New Student Specials:

3 Classes for $30


 $65 First Time Unlimited Monthly Membership (Locals Rate Only)

*Please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and feel free to drop into any class. Pre-registering is not required.

There are various aspects of you and your lifestyle to consider when approaching your daily practice. You may consider the time of day, your dosha(s), or what your day or days leading up to the practice have consisted of, to name a few. The KEY below is to assist in guiding you to the most appropriate class. 

Level O/A- These classes are open, appropriate and beneficial for all levels and bodies. 

Level 1- Classes are taught with a great level of detail to assist in the understanding of  basic yoga poses and the use of the breath.

Level II- For students with an understanding of basic yoga postures. This student understands the relationship between breath and movement.

Level III- For those with an established practice


8:30-9:45             O/A-  Hatha Yoga                                Brad                   Wake and restore the body and mind

11:30-12:00          O/A-  Express Pilates Mat                        Natalia               Strengthens and tones the core of the body   

12:15-1:00             O/A-  Hatha Yoga Express                       Amber              45 minute Hatha Yoga class to balance breath and body

6:00-7:15                 II-  Candlelight Intermediate Yoga       Emily         Vigorous flow with meditation

7:30-8:45 O/A-  Kundalini Yoga                                 Sarka                 Awakening through meditation, pranayama, mantra, and asana


9-10:15 II- Hatha Hold Amber Poses held for several breaths for strength & stability

10:30-12:00 II- Ashtanga Flow Gretchen

12:15-1:00 II- Vinyasa Flow Express Erika 45 minute flow to balance breath and body

6-7:15 O/A- Gentle Yoga Peter


8:30-9:45               O-  Yoga & Meditation                           Gretchen            Seated and movement meditation

10:30-12:00 II- Mysore Yoga Tara/ Erika Self lead primary series with assisting teacher

12:15-1:00             O/A-  Hatha Flow Express                          Amber               45 minute Hatha Yoga class to balance breath and body

6:00-7:00 II- Intermediate Yoga Melanie

7:30-8:45 II- Candlelight Yoga   Emily Vigorous flow with meditation


9-10:15                   II-  Hip Opening                                        Gretchen        Asana focused on hips, pelvis, and hamstrings

11:30-12:00          O/A-  Express Pilates Mat          Natalia       Strengthens and tones the core of the body  

12:15-1:00             II-  Vinyasa Yoga Express                       Natalia             45 minute flow class to balance body and mind

7:30-8:45 O/A- Intermediate Yoga & Live Music Melanie & Eric (ends 4/12/2019)


8:30-9:45 O/A- Morning Vinyasa Erika

12:15-1:00 O/A- Restorative Yoga Brad

1:30-2:15           O/A-   Seated Yoga   Peter         Proper Pose Alignment. Breath & Mindful Movement


8:30-10:00 II- Ashtanga Yoga Erika

10:30-11:45 II- Morning Hatha Vinyasa Emily

1:00-2:00 O/A- Gentle Yoga Peter    


10-11:15 III- Strengthening from the Inside Out- Hatha Vinyasa Gretchen