Drop In to any yoga class: $16                Mat Rental: $1                    Monthly Unlimited: $108

 New Student Special: 3 Classes for $30

*Please feel free to drop into any class. Pre-registering is not required.

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. 


Classes with *** designates FREE or donation classes

April 23rd-29th


9:00-10:15             Morning Yoga                        Sarah               Wake and restore the body and mind

11:00-11:55           Pilates Mat                               Lea                     Strengthens and tones the core of the body

12:15-1:00             Yoga Express                           Amber            45 minute Hatha Yoga class to balance breath and body

6:00-7:15               Kundalini Yoga             Sarka          Awakening through meditation, pranayama, mantra, and asana (physical postures)



9:00-10:15               Hatha Yoga for Strength               Amber                   Postures held for several breaths

10:30-12:00           Led Primary Series- Ashtanga       Erika      

12:15-1:00              Hatha Yoga Express                           Erika

6:00-7:00                Gentle Evening  Practice                 Peter Rogers            Surrender body and mind in this relaxing class

7:30-8:45                 Yoga for Beginners                            Amber



9-10:15                   Yoga & Meditation                             Gretchen            Seated and movement meditations

10:30-12:00         Mysore- Ashtanga                                Erika                     Self led primary series

12:15-1:00            Vinyasa Flow Express                         Amber                45 minute Hatha Yoga class to balance breath and body

4:30-5:30              Gentle Evening Practice                   Peter                     Gentle flow to relax and rejuvenate



9-10:15                   Hip Opening                                       Gretchen              Asana focused on hips, pelvis, and hamstrings

12:15-1:00            Vinyasa Yoga Express                       Natalia                  45 minute flow class

4:30-5:30              Gentle Evening Practice ***       Peter                          A donation-based yoga class, uniting breath and body


Friday  (Special offerings for the kick off of the first annual Key West Yoga & Wellness Festival)

9-10:15            Vinyasa Foundations                Stephanie                 Foundations of Vinyasa: breath & movement

11-12:00         Yoga off the Mat, with Natalia Duke & Lizzy Hoke: Yoga practices to support courageous conversations, conscious communication, an life off of the mat. $15

2-4:00              Acro Yoga Workshop, with Ellie Blue & Lances Holmes: Begintermediate Workshop- appropriate for all levels, no partner necessary $30

6-7:15             Yoga Nidra, with Natalia Vasquez: Yogic sleep, is a state of relaxation that allows you to tap into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. You'll be guided to release tensioning enter a state of calm while remaining completely conscious of your internal experience. Stillness in savasana creates space for self inquiry and exploration beyond the physical, allowing you to return to your purest essence. $15      

***A portion of the profits will be donated to the Children's Yoga & Wellness Initiative



Closed for the Key West Yoga & Wellness Festival. See you there!!



Closed for the Key West Yoga & Wellness Festival. See you there!!