The Elements of Asana (postures) - 2 Part Yoga Workshop with Gretchen Mills
6:00 pm18:00

The Elements of Asana (postures) - 2 Part Yoga Workshop with Gretchen Mills

Let's start from scratch! In this workshop we'll slow the pace down and focus on the fundamentals of alignment and breath. We'll go over how props can be used to create greater ease in a yoga posture. We'll learn how to connect the movement of the breath with the body to create a clear, smooth, conscious connection and practice. This is a nice opportunity to ask questions and to work through any insecurities that may come up in a class setting or within your own body and experience. This class will mainly be focused on our asana (physical posture) practice but some philosophy and history will be incorporated.

This workshop is for ALL levels of practitioners

This is a 2-part workshop for 2 consecutive Wednesdays: August 2nd & August 9th

One single class: $30

Both classes: $50

To attend, please send an email here with your first and last name and your experience with yoga:

Bali Retreat: Restoring the Temple Body
Nov 12

Bali Retreat: Restoring the Temple Body

A restorative healing approach to connect to your Body's Temple. Using your heart's intelligent power, develop a nourishing relationship to balance your needs. Breathe in the bio-rhythms and magic of Bali, and allow yourself to be guided by two experienced Yoginis, Gypsy and Gretchen, who combine their years of study to optimize the highest possible outcome for your retreat in paradise. Enhance your nervous system and soften the barriers collected from busy lives, with gentle practices of Hatha and Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. Somatic movement techniques will be taught to reset, rebuild, and revive your Devine Body with love.


What's Included?

* Yoga, Meditation and Somatic Movement twice daily in open air studio

* Mats and all props provided

*Eco-Luxury Accommodation for 7 days/6 nights

*Welcome dinner with Balinese dance

*Organic Breakfast & Dinner Buffet

*Fresh drinking water, teas and coffee

*Swimming pool and sunning decks

*High speed Wi-Fi

*Car/Scooter (for rent)

*Airport Transfer (on arrival and departure days)

*Infinite smiles ad love




* $2799 Single

* $2299 Double

Payments can be completed with Paypal through



* $2399 Single

* $1999 Double

Payments can be completed with Paypal through








Sound Session with Tea Roman
6:00 pm18:00

Sound Session with Tea Roman

I am so sorry everyone! Tea has had transportation issues today coming from Miami and is not going to be able to offer the session. I hope you all enjoy your evening and again I apologize for this. I hope we can offer more of these in the future.




This session is for all levels from complete beginners to those with an advanced practice. The series is composed of 13 asana which are held in a yin/restorative fashion. During this series each person receives individual attention and interaction with the meditation bowls. It is encouraged to enjoy this session with your eyes closed to increase focus on the sounds offered. After the session of postures a guided sound meditation will begin within savasana. Come treat yourself to a deep meditation led by traditional techniques and instruments.


Apr 30

Teacher Training and Meditation Module in India!

Inner Sanctum Yoga PRESENTS

A 500-Hour Teacher Training Meditation Module in INDIA


April 21-30


* Tuition includes the teachings and workshops only. 

* All accommodations and flights are separate. 


4 days in Rishikesh (4/21-4/25)

Rishikesh is a beautiful holy city nestled between the Ganga River and the Himalayan mountains. For 4.5 days our daily schedule will include 3 hours of meditation, 2 hours of asana practice, and 4 hours of yoga philosophy lectures and workshops.

2.5 days in Varanasi (4/26-27)

Varanasi is India's oldest holy city. For 2 days we will meditate and practice yoga asana on the banks of the Ganges and practice meditation-in-action as we explore the cities sacred temples. Daily schedule includes 2 hour morning asana practice and 1-2 hour satsang every afternoon or evening.

2.5 days in Bodhgaya (4/28-30)

Bodhgaya is the home of the famous Bodhi Tree, the site of Gautama Buddha's enlightenment. For two days we will meditate for a total of 9 hours underneath this tree. Daily schedule includes 2 hour morning asana practice and 1-2 hour satsang every evening.

Additional information can be found at or by calling the Key West Yoga Sanctuary 305-587-9199

Flavia Krishna and Gershone present Kirtan and Sacred Songs
5:00 pm17:00

Flavia Krishna and Gershone present Kirtan and Sacred Songs

“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.” - Ragani

This chanting and singing duo spreads their message using sacred songs and mantras in many different languages. 

A gentle yoga class led by Gretchen and accompanied with live music by Flavia and Gershone will begin at 5 pm. Kirtan will follow at 6:15. Come for one or both! While on tour in Florida, Flavia Krishna and Gershone will be in Key West for one night followed by another performance at Grimal Grove in Big Pine and Island Yoga in Marathon.



10:00 am10:00

Embody Love: A free workshop for teen girls

Teen girls aged 12-18 are invited to participate in a free, transformational workshop that will take them on a journey toward self-acceptance on Saturday, February 4 from 10am – 1pm at The Green Pineapple Wellness Center on 1130 Duval Street.  Facilitated by Deborah Lippi, Ph.D., “Embody Love,” will gently guide teens in setting new goals to change the way they feel, think, and speak to themselves and others about their body image and beauty. 


"Imagine a world full of inspired, strong, empowered girls and women, each embracing their self-worth and that of one another, without limits or conditions,” says Lippi, founder of The Green Pineapple Wellness Center and Embody Love facilitator.  “This is why what we’re after.”


Self-worth and body acceptance are national issues that start as young as six years old. According to 2016 statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, more than 53% of teen girls feel they should be on a diet or already are, and more than 42% of girls in 1st through 3rd grade want to be thinner.  Embody Love is an international movement created to help shift this, offering opportunities that challenge and transform limiting self-beliefs and strengthen resources to help maintain healthy relationships women and girls have with their bodies and the world.


“Teens will be given the opportunity to see themselves and their peers through new lenses, ones that do not condition love based on external appearance or limit worthiness to a particular waist size,” says Lippi.


Lippi, a former counselor for over a decade at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea School, completed her “Embody Love” facilitator training in England last summer with women “of all ages and stages” from all over the world.  Her desire to make a positive difference in what it means to be a woman today while helping change the future for girls is a driving force behind her commitment to wellness at her center, which is comprised of an organic café, life coaching facility with certified coaches, boutique, and yoga studio. 


The interactive workshop exercises include dismantling the “beauty myth” found in the media, an exploration of tools that help change the conversation from criticism to kindness, ways of seeing and experiencing ourselves as worthy from the inside out, and a yoga practice that will lead teens into body acceptance and allow them to let go of comparisons and ideals about the way they look.


“Let’s create a conversation that moves away from "I'm so fat", "I'm too thin", and "I don't look good enough" to "I have purpose" and “I am worthy of love and respect", and "I have so much to offer," she says.


The workshop will conclude with a tea party for the participants at The Green Pineapple Organic Cafe. Though the workshop is free to all participants, donations are appreciated to help promote future workshops. Reserve your limited spot now. For more information, call305.509.7378 or visit

Embody Love
Cacao Ceremony w/ Rich D'Amaru
5:15 pm17:15

Cacao Ceremony w/ Rich D'Amaru

The Cacao Spirit has long been overlooked as one of the most potent facilitators for deep inner reflection. Those who use Cacao as a guide for their spiritual exploration work, often find it to be an unexpectedly profound teacher, while allowing for a gentle experience as well. Cacao brings you to the door of your consciousness and light body, but allows you to choose the depth in which you want to work. You may take your experience as far as you are ready for. "Heart Opening" is easily the most common phrase participants use to describe their initiation into the spirit of Cacao.   To learn more and sign up please click here. 

Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork with Mukti
Dec 18

Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork with Mukti

Join us for an amazing Thai Bodywork workshop!

You will learn…

  • Contemporary yet traditional methods for applying potent corrective and beneficial therapeutic assists

  • Ayurvedic assessments for postural and emotional integrity

  • Refined delicate details for perfect exchanges with recipients and self during a treatment

  • Optimal positionings for optimal effects

  • Vedic terminologies including familiarization with Physical and Etheral anatomies

Friday December 16 at 5:00

Saturday December 17 at 10:30-5

Sunday December 18 at 10:30-5

Regular Price: $400

24 Continuing Education Credits available.

Yoga Nidra Workshop
6:00 pm18:00

Yoga Nidra Workshop

The hardest part is just showing up!  Once you arrive you will move gently, just enough to get any kinks out of your body.  Then you will rest, completely supported by bolsters and blankets.  There, you will allow Kalyani’s soothing voice to lead you deeper and deeper within.  You will peel away the layers of stress and tension stored in your mind and your body until we arrive at the peaceful stillness within.      

Yoga Nidra or “Yogic sleep” is extremely healing on all levels.  It is a wonderful practice that guides the mind and body into total relaxation where you can access a deeper level of inner awareness.  Here you will release unwanted habits, tensions and self-limiting beliefs.  You will increase your body’s capacity for self-healing and awaken to your greatest inner potential.  

Space is limited, Reserve your spot today!

cost: $35


Wall Yoga with Carl
1:30 pm13:30

Wall Yoga with Carl

Based on the Purna Yoga Spinal Rejuvenation Series, this class will promote spinal health by un-doing the stressors that day-to-day life inflicts on the spine through repetitive movement, tension or inactivity.

This workshop will accommodate ten participants. Register online before November 6th for the early bird price at $40. Regular price is $45.

About the instructor: Carl Ferrette is a certified Purna Yoga Instructor at the 500 hour level studying under the Master Teacher Aadil Parkhivala, one of the designers of the Yoga Wall. Carl has had extensive direct instruction from Aadil both in general and therapeutic applications of the system.

Please RSVP to reserve your spot.

Kids Yoga & Dream Catcher Workshop
3:00 pm15:00

Kids Yoga & Dream Catcher Workshop


Dream Catchers are a fascinating Native American tradition - the Dream Catcher was intended to protect the individual from negative dreams while letting positive dreams through.

Join us as we explore the history and legend of the Dream Catcher - through yoga, storytelling and crafts.

Each child will make their very own Dream Catcher to take home. $25 includes all supplies. Discounts for siblings. Please RSVP to reserve your child's spot.

Laughter and joy free of charge. 


Inner Sanctum Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training- Module 2- SERVE
Sep 25

Inner Sanctum Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training- Module 2- SERVE

  • Key West Yoga Sanctuary

For the Greater Good, Let the Knowledge that we Receive Translate into Empowerment to Serve. 

Join Jennilee Toner, Gretchen Mills, Rich D'Amaru and other deep, insightful yoga teachers for Inner Sanctum Yoga's 9 day SERVE MODULE. 

This is a LOVE-IN-ACTION, SERVICE-IN-ACTION Module. The first weekend will be spent in a farmhouse in the Catskills, cultivating our bodies and minds for the week to come in which we will serve various populations of people which may include:

Special Olympics, Addiction/Recovery, Homeless, Domestic Violence, Veterans, & Elderly

Then we will relocate to the Capital Region to participate within a yoga studio everyday and will serve a different community every day!

Our final weekend together we will head into nature to reflect, meditate, and contemplate. More learning, growing, sharing, and evolving, always!

Contact Jennilee or Gretchen for more details!! :):)


**This module will be held in the Catskills in Upstate NY

The AcroDude Arrives
Sep 4

The AcroDude Arrives

4 Sessions Total***September 3 & 4***

September 3rd:

Session 1: POPS! 1:30-4:00 pm

Session 2: WHIPS! 6:00-8:30 pm

September 4th:

Session 3: STANDING ACRO/ACRO DANCE! 12:00-2:30 pm

Session 4: ACROPEUTICS! 5:00-7:30 pm

$30 each or do them all for only $100!!


Yoga Workshop Series
Jul 23

Yoga Workshop Series

with Jennilee Toner, Gretchen Mills, 

Rich D’Amaru, & Jane Ciepiela

$40 per workshop


Saturday, July 16th: 

1-3:00 pm

Intelligence of the Vinyasa Bell Curve

With Jennilee Toner

Explore the intelligence of the Vinyasa Bell Curve Formula and the reasons why the human body loves it so much. Lecture & Practice. 


7-9:00 pm

Inner Form: Working From the Ground Up

with Gretchen Mills

Explore the Apana & Prana Patterns and their relationship to the bandhas and the positioning of the body. Work from the ground up to stabilize and strengthen foundation to support these patterns of breath and energy. By creating subtle but powerful shifts physically and energetically we greatly shift the mental body and create an overall balance of stability and ease. Lecture & Practice.


Sunday, July 17th:

2-5:00 pm

Yoga Anatomy: From the Axis to the Periphery Back Again

With Jennilee Toner

This is a fun, inter-active anatomical exploration of your human body from bone to skin and then back again. Lecture & Practice.


Monday, July 18th


Promoting Longevity in Vinyasa Yoga: Embodying & Teaching the 5 Step Process

with Jennilee Toner

Learn, embody, and possibly teach others her pivotal 5 Step Process for Longevity (both on and off the yoga mat). Lecture & Practice.


2:30-5:00 pm

Journeying Through the Koshas

with Gretchen Mills

We’ll go over a short introduction to the koshas followed by 5 specific meditations aimed at experiencing and embodying each of these layers of self individually. Learn the specific yogic practices that will help balance and strengthen the koshas accordingly. Finally, we’ll close with a discussion about how this understanding of the koshas can strengthen our teaching and our ability to support students on their journey to awakening.


Tuesday, July 19th


Yin & Yang Approach to Teaching

with Gretchen Mills & Rich D’Amaru

On a subtle level we will explore our approach to our bodies and to our practices mentally and mindfully. Learning to nurture our selves fully by attending to our bodies accordingly, we’ll look at knowledge verse wisdom, and activation verse surrender. Through our own experiences we’ll consider how these observations can shift and strengthen teaching and guiding students within their own bodies.


7-9:00 pm

Thinking Outside of the Yoga Box (Alternative Tools & Techniques)

With Jennilee Toner

Think outside the yoga tool box! Jennilee will introduce a myriad of on and off the mat ways to transform your yoga practice and take it to the next level! Lecture & Practice.


Wednesday, July 20th


Chakras & Envision Yoga

With Jennilee Toner

Join Jennilee in an informative 30 minute exploration into the world of Chakras, a 15 minute discussion of NLP (Neuroi Linguistic Programming), a 30 minute affirmation writing time and then a fabulous and fun 90 minute ENVISION YOGA practice incorporating Chakras, NLP, Kundalini, and

Hatha Yoga. Lecture & Practice.


2:30-5:00 pm

Yoga Anatomy: Welcome to Your Organs & Your Fascia

With Jennilee Toner & Amy Adams

Explore your internal organs and the fascia that weaves, surrounds, and supports them (As well as everything else in the human body!) Lecture & Gentle Practice.


7-9:00 pm

Finding Your Authentic Voice: Toning & Chanting

With Jennilee Toner & Jane Ciepiela

Join these two beauties in the transforming practice of Vocal Toning! Tonight you will journey within to find your authentic voice. Lecture & Chanting.


Thursday, July 21st


Using Core Strength as a Path to Devotion & Discipline

With Rich D’Amaru

A strong core, and the devotion needed to achieve one, supports both our physical and energetic foundation. We will learn how a discipled approach to strengthening allows for a deeper exploration of our energetic pathways during asana along with several sequences and movements to integrate into our yoga flow. 


Friday, July 22nd


Creative, Intelligent and Advanced Sequences & Transitions

Advanced Assisting Arts: Seated, Standing & Reclining (*open to teachers only)

Yoga Teachers: Join Jennilee Toner and learn safe, fun and interesting new ways to teach and practice vinyasa yoga. Also, practice safe, fun and effective ways to assist your students. There will be room for discussion and collaboration in this 3 hour workshop. Lecture & Practice.


6:30-9:00 pm

Yoga & the Luminous Body

With Rich D’Amaru

Our perception of reality is "colored" by the filter of our luminous field, the body of light that surrounds us and houses the samskaras (impressions) our experiences have left upon us. Through an understanding of the meridians, the energetic rivers of light that run through our body, we will learn how yoga heals the emotional body and be given tools to ensure a clear and compassionate view through which to govern our lives. 


Saturday, July 23rd

1-3:00 pm

Teaching Inversions Safely and Effectively for All Levels (*open to teachers only)

With Gretchen Mills & Rich D’Amaru

We’ll learn to bridge the gap between our students’ blissfulasana practices and their perhaps, fearful inversion (asana) practices. This will be a very thorough journey through preparation leading up to the inversions, as well as creating the strong, safe and connected foundation, followed by variations and modifications, and finally awareness within the pose. This will be fun!

Aromatherapy Workshop: "Eat, Smell, Play"
12:00 pm12:00

Aromatherapy Workshop: "Eat, Smell, Play"

Eat, smell, and play with pure essential oils. Join us for this fun, hands on, mini workshop and discover the powerful, fragrant, & healing secrets of Mother Nature's Pharmacy. Oils can; reduce inflammation, kill mold, bacteria, viruses, and infections, relieve acne, rashes and sunburn, reduce pain and headaches, increase energy and alertness, reduce fat and toxins in the body, improve digestion, and increase oxygen to the cells, balance hormones and moods, and reduce stress and anxiety. The list is phenomenal and goes on!

There will be aromatic chocolates, snacks, and handouts. This workshop is a precursor to Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification. 

Fee: $30

Guided by Debbi of Blue Moon Herbals. 


Key West Acro Day
9:00 am09:00

Key West Acro Day

Join Megan & Rob for a journey into flight, flows and new heights. We will be sharing more of the acrobatic side of AcroYoga in a safe and playful environment. These two sessions will expand your AcroYoga practice and have you accomplishing things you thought not possible. With trust, communication and the support from your growing Acro community you will experience the tools and progressions to new fluid flow, spins and your practice to the next level. No partner is necessary. Come ready to be challenged and ready to succeed.

Saturday June 11th

Session 1: Free Flow Flying- 9am-11am

Lunch Break

Session 2: Two High Inversions- 1pm-4pm

Save and Pre-Register for the full day: $70

Procrastinate Till Day of: $40 per session 


Ashtanga Yoga Demystified
May 15

Ashtanga Yoga Demystified

$150 Whole Course, $40 Per Individual Session

Please call to register as there are a limited number of spaces.

Over the weekend we will explore this system safely and intelligently in a linear fashion, while dispelling many of the misconceptions associated with it. Join Key West native, Miami-based Ashtanga Yoga teacher Patrick Nolan for a comprehensive introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. The course will include safety and modification of asanas when necessary, led class versus "Mysore-style" self practice, and aspects of yoga beyond asana practice. 

Friday 5-7:00 pm: Foundations. In this workshop we will break down and learn Sun Salutations and standing postures, concluding with chanting and Q&A.

Saturday 7:30-9:15 am: Guided Half Primary.

Saturday 2-4:00 pm: Guided Half Primary (the second half). In this workshop we will explore the trickier postures of the primary series, explaining their function and how to modify them.

Sunday 7:30-9:30 am. Mysore style Self Practice. The practice in its optimal form, done from memory (to the best of one's ability, no need to freak out) and in silence.

Sunday 2-4:00 pm: Asana Masterclass. This will be just like the performing arts masterclass, in which each student will get to work in-depth on the asana of choice with the rest of the students as an audience. This will be a chance to work, and hopefully achieve a breakthrough, on any elusive or extra tricky asana.  


Register Here

Finding Inner Refuge: Meditation Class
2:30 pm14:30

Finding Inner Refuge: Meditation Class

Establishing inner refuge in our mind is the foundation for experiencing freedom and joy now and into the future. In this talk, Gen Demo will explain the deeply enriching practice of going for refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the means by where we enter in Buddhist practice. 


Also join us Friday night, May 6th, for a free public talk and prayer.

"Prayers for Protection"

The Heart Jewel Practice lies at the very core of this tradition of Buddhism, and is the best way to develop your practice. If you are trying to improve your good qualities and if you are trying o reduce your negative- this practice is the most effective way to receive all the help you need to make swift progress. 

6-7:00 pm


Elements in Motion
2:00 pm14:00

Elements in Motion


Let us explore how the elements are expressed within the human form and through language of asana. During this all levels practice, Diana and Jessica will guide you through a full spectrum vinyasa and meditation journey that will challenge your body and calm your mind. We will share dialogue around Ayurveda, the natural world and the chakras. Balance the elements within the framework of the body in this healing and intuitive workshop.