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Yoga Workshop Series

with Jennilee Toner, Gretchen Mills, 

Rich D’Amaru, & Jane Ciepiela

$40 per workshop


Saturday, July 16th: 

1-3:00 pm

Intelligence of the Vinyasa Bell Curve

With Jennilee Toner

Explore the intelligence of the Vinyasa Bell Curve Formula and the reasons why the human body loves it so much. Lecture & Practice. 


7-9:00 pm

Inner Form: Working From the Ground Up

with Gretchen Mills

Explore the Apana & Prana Patterns and their relationship to the bandhas and the positioning of the body. Work from the ground up to stabilize and strengthen foundation to support these patterns of breath and energy. By creating subtle but powerful shifts physically and energetically we greatly shift the mental body and create an overall balance of stability and ease. Lecture & Practice.


Sunday, July 17th:

2-5:00 pm

Yoga Anatomy: From the Axis to the Periphery Back Again

With Jennilee Toner

This is a fun, inter-active anatomical exploration of your human body from bone to skin and then back again. Lecture & Practice.


Monday, July 18th


Promoting Longevity in Vinyasa Yoga: Embodying & Teaching the 5 Step Process

with Jennilee Toner

Learn, embody, and possibly teach others her pivotal 5 Step Process for Longevity (both on and off the yoga mat). Lecture & Practice.


2:30-5:00 pm

Journeying Through the Koshas

with Gretchen Mills

We’ll go over a short introduction to the koshas followed by 5 specific meditations aimed at experiencing and embodying each of these layers of self individually. Learn the specific yogic practices that will help balance and strengthen the koshas accordingly. Finally, we’ll close with a discussion about how this understanding of the koshas can strengthen our teaching and our ability to support students on their journey to awakening.


Tuesday, July 19th


Yin & Yang Approach to Teaching

with Gretchen Mills & Rich D’Amaru

On a subtle level we will explore our approach to our bodies and to our practices mentally and mindfully. Learning to nurture our selves fully by attending to our bodies accordingly, we’ll look at knowledge verse wisdom, and activation verse surrender. Through our own experiences we’ll consider how these observations can shift and strengthen teaching and guiding students within their own bodies.


7-9:00 pm

Thinking Outside of the Yoga Box (Alternative Tools & Techniques)

With Jennilee Toner

Think outside the yoga tool box! Jennilee will introduce a myriad of on and off the mat ways to transform your yoga practice and take it to the next level! Lecture & Practice.


Wednesday, July 20th


Chakras & Envision Yoga

With Jennilee Toner

Join Jennilee in an informative 30 minute exploration into the world of Chakras, a 15 minute discussion of NLP (Neuroi Linguistic Programming), a 30 minute affirmation writing time and then a fabulous and fun 90 minute ENVISION YOGA practice incorporating Chakras, NLP, Kundalini, and

Hatha Yoga. Lecture & Practice.


2:30-5:00 pm

Yoga Anatomy: Welcome to Your Organs & Your Fascia

With Jennilee Toner & Amy Adams

Explore your internal organs and the fascia that weaves, surrounds, and supports them (As well as everything else in the human body!) Lecture & Gentle Practice.


7-9:00 pm

Finding Your Authentic Voice: Toning & Chanting

With Jennilee Toner & Jane Ciepiela

Join these two beauties in the transforming practice of Vocal Toning! Tonight you will journey within to find your authentic voice. Lecture & Chanting.


Thursday, July 21st


Using Core Strength as a Path to Devotion & Discipline

With Rich D’Amaru

A strong core, and the devotion needed to achieve one, supports both our physical and energetic foundation. We will learn how a discipled approach to strengthening allows for a deeper exploration of our energetic pathways during asana along with several sequences and movements to integrate into our yoga flow. 


Friday, July 22nd


Creative, Intelligent and Advanced Sequences & Transitions

Advanced Assisting Arts: Seated, Standing & Reclining (*open to teachers only)

Yoga Teachers: Join Jennilee Toner and learn safe, fun and interesting new ways to teach and practice vinyasa yoga. Also, practice safe, fun and effective ways to assist your students. There will be room for discussion and collaboration in this 3 hour workshop. Lecture & Practice.


6:30-9:00 pm

Yoga & the Luminous Body

With Rich D’Amaru

Our perception of reality is "colored" by the filter of our luminous field, the body of light that surrounds us and houses the samskaras (impressions) our experiences have left upon us. Through an understanding of the meridians, the energetic rivers of light that run through our body, we will learn how yoga heals the emotional body and be given tools to ensure a clear and compassionate view through which to govern our lives. 


Saturday, July 23rd

1-3:00 pm

Teaching Inversions Safely and Effectively for All Levels (*open to teachers only)

With Gretchen Mills & Rich D’Amaru

We’ll learn to bridge the gap between our students’ blissfulasana practices and their perhaps, fearful inversion (asana) practices. This will be a very thorough journey through preparation leading up to the inversions, as well as creating the strong, safe and connected foundation, followed by variations and modifications, and finally awareness within the pose. This will be fun!

Later Event: September 3
The AcroDude Arrives