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Animal Moves

What is Animal Move?

In this workshop, we breathe life into our animal legacy, imitating animals, recreating the original meaning of stamina, flexibility, body tension, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Animal movements are easy to learn and yet demanding. They strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system, especially the trunk, and coordinate the nervous system to a previously unused in fitness sports - casual, animal and playful.

The Animal Moves help us to ...

- increases fitness, as you will became more agile and stronger.

- An athletic figure, because they cause a versatile and more complete muscle.

- More health, because the metabolism, the musculoskeletal system and the immune system are positively required.

Other benefits of Animal Moves speak for themselves

- Playful, natural load

- Strengthening of the entire musculature, especially of the trunk

- Increased coordination and suppleness

- Training for the heart and circulation

- invigoration and dissolution of the fascia tissue

- Gentle activation and opening of the joints

- Usable as a main training or to warm up

- Activation of natural movement patterns

- Back friendly and close to the ground

- Independent of devices

- Combination of fitness, fun and games

- Suitable for family, kindergarten, group sport and personal training


Several aspects and modes of training are practiced:

- You will learn 14 animal movements on the first day (for example, monkey, sloth, and many more ...).

- You learn a playful and creative handling of the animal moves.

- Practice rigorous training plans and programs that are a good guide to your development.

- Training the versatile transitions and their effects on the body from an athletic and therapeutic point of view.

- Use of the so-called active breaks with pause positions for a simple and meaningful breather and reduction in intensity.

- practice the previously learned animal movements.

- These are practiced with more versatile variations and opportunities for improvement.

- Experience the principle of the Move to the Flow: Now the learned Animal Moves are tested in versatile use. It's about moving from the move to the flow: the flowing sequence of different animal moves in a row.

Who I am, where I come from and what I do ...

Movement and sport have always been my passion and so, after years of experience in martial arts, I have found a personal way to functional training. Since then, I have practiced with great dedication in different directions of movement and made several training and education in the areas of: Gymnastics, Yoga, Primal-Move, Gymnastica-Natural, Gravity, Kettlebell and weightlifting sports. Through years of experience I have created my own style, the Animal Moves. Above all, in my classes, classes and seminars, I want to convey a new awareness of better movement and body awareness. It gives you the opportunity to make your life healthier and more aware through optimized movements with greater mobility. Now I want to show you the potential that lies dormant in each one of us.

Try it and your achievements will come on its own.

Your Alex Fischer.

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