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Experience Portugal in the Volcanic Azore Islands

Join us for an adventurous 5 night/6 day conscious retreat on the volcanic island, pristine Sao Miguel.

A balanced week in nature. Ocean. Forest. Yoga. Meditation

Discover some of the most pristine corners of the island of Sao Miguel during our hikes, with volcanic heights, geothermal springs and subtropical microclimates where yams, pineapples and Europe's only tea plantation thrive.

Stay at the sustainable Quinta Minuvida, a traditional fruit orchard nestled on a slope of the Fogo volcano. Step beyond the indulgences of traditional lodging and experience the Azores as a treasure to cherish and protect. The lodge features five thoughtful suites, outdoor pool, yoga studio, guest kitchen, living room with fireplace, outdoor grill, fire pit, observatory, organic vegetable garden, and one acre of orchards. Co-founder and chef João Ferreira marries tradition with innovation and serves only local and in-season fare. Many of the ingredients come directly from the orchard. The Minuvida experience stay includes a five-course tasting menu paired with wines – a sensory journey through Azorean flavors.

Minuvida is centrally located on the North side of Sao Miguel near Boa Vista. Most local attractions are a 30 minute drive and Minuvida is only 15 minutes from the airport. It’s proximity to beaches, walking trails, hot springs and bike paths make Minuvida a beautiful choice for the conscious traveler looking for adventure. Come experience the Azores with coastal and forest hiking, yoga & meditation, and Portuguese island food and culture.

Getting to the Azores

Azore Airlines flies directly from the U.S. to Ponta Delgada (PDL) and you should book only through their website (don’t use Expedia or Kayak.) Delta offers a route from New York—>Ponta Delgada 5 times a week, except Mondays and Wednesdays.


You may choose a triple, double or single suite.

Triple- $1285 Double- $1500 Single- $1850

Rooms are simple and sweet with bright light and views of the orchard and island.

Space is limited. Register with a non-refundable deposit of $500. The remainder can be paid up to 3 weeks before departure.

More information can be found here.


Gretchen Mills

“I haven’t been everywhere yet but it’s on my list”

I have spent much of my adult life traveling around the world experiencing the cultural, religious, and healing ways of many different people and their countries.  My travels have embraced humanity and our deep ecological and environmental connections.  I have always felt that the more we can learn about each other and our planet, the more respect and love we will have for our own bodies, the people around us, and our environment.
I am honored to have the opportunity to create a space at the Key West Yoga Sanctuary and through travel in which we learn to trust our innate wisdom to live fully in our creativity, confidence, power, heart, and self.  My personal studies include many styles of yoga with wonderfully inspiring teachers from across the globe, but to me the most profound teachings come from within--through attention, listening, teaching, living, and simply being.  My practice and teaching are ever-evolving, fueled by nature's beauty and its astounding ability to achieve balance through all kinds of transformation. My greatest reward as a teacher is found when students' lives are enriched as they greet deeper levels of themselves through their experiences on the mat and into the world.

Joao Ferreira

Until I was 17, my world was 400 square miles of Atlantic paradise. Then I met snow in Boston. Today, I'm at ease with my Azorean and American identities. I feel truly bilingual and bicultural. For the past 20 odd years I've been a writer and editor for newspapers and magazines. But, deep inside, I longed for home. What would bring me back? 
The Azores are kind of a hidden secret. Only four-and-a-half hours from Boston but yet so far away. The islands are an outdoor paradise, a volcanic wonderland, a place to be savored. Yet, they're fairly undiscovered by destination-makers. 
This got me thinking...
During my travels, I always enjoyed myself the most when I connected to a place. Having a friend in Rio certainly helped me gain a better perspective and appreciation. When I stayed with a mother and son in Ireland, I got to find about their "secret" after-hours local pub. Wouldn't it be awesome if I always had a friend waiting everywhere I went? Well, with Minuvida that's what we intend to do. We want to be your friends in the Azores and give you the insider's view of my wonderful homeland.  

Rimi Chakraborty

I always aim for success. I am Indian after all. To my parents the only career options were “doctor, lawyer, or engineer.” So, I graduated magna cum laude in engineering from an ivy-league university, worked on Wall Street, and at age 26 became a manager for a multi-billion-dollar company. I earned an MBA at one of the top three business schools in the country. It was during the business school application process that I did some serious soul-searching to answer a simple essay question: "What is most important to you and why?" 
After writing and rewriting this essay about a dozen times I realized: Most important to me is helping people foster deeper connections with themselves and their world. 
I obtained my yoga teaching certification and started teaching Forrest Yoga. I was helping people connect. A seed had been planted. And then I met João. “You’re from where?”
I realized that for me, being successful wasn’t just about status or wealth, or things I could acquire. To feel truly successful, I needed to be living my purpose, every day, and not just through my hobbies. 
 I often look back on that essay question, especially during those “holy @!!?” moments when things are hard and I think about what I gave up. But here, in the middle of the Atlantic, I am helping people connect. And what I’ve gained? Well, it’s simply priceless.

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