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Beginners Yoga Workshop

Stepping into a yoga studio for the first time can be overwhelming and depending on how the first time went... the second time can be even more so.    

In this 4 wk workshop we will explore the basics and answer your questions.  All you need is an open and willing spirit. We will take care of the rest.


Props - How and why do we use them?

Asana, Pranayama, Drishti, and Namaste- wait... what?  Explore the language of Yoga - making friends with Sanskrit.

Lets move a bit - Downward facing dog, child’s pose, cat/cow and introducing - Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskar).

Closing meditation and Q&A


Any new Questions from wk 1?

Explore more breathing (pranayama - Warrior breath aka ujjayi)

Dive right into practice ( moving) with attention to alignment and safety.

Lets explore twisting - how and why.

Closing meditation (savasana) followed by Q&A opportunity.


Questions.... comments.... thoughts?

Introduce different styles of yoga to help make sense of youtube and google searches ( I know you did...its ok we all have).

Practice - Breath (pranayama), movement (asana) - introduce balance poses.

Next wk we will move through an entire class.


Any questions? 

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Closing meditation

Q&A and explore studio schedule of classes and thoughts on home practice.


We are all students together so come and join us on the mat.   See you in Class!